You spend a lot of time in the car.
The car interior is becoming part of your life. It gives you the freedom to drive down the road wherever you wish to go. Food, clothes, shelters, IT, automotive are important part of our lives. We cannot be satisfied our lives without of these necessities.

Car Life could be viewed as a part of lives.

What is comfortable home, fine dining, hobbies, and work mean to you? In order to achieve better life, people seek for the “luxury” that suit them.

So how do we see the “luxury” in our vehicles today?

We have gone through the significant improvement of the automotive as the worldwide mass production enables to obtain its high performance. However, this gradually took away the individuality of the vehicles from the owners.

The craftsmanship plays the major role in creating the brand value of the automotive by sustaining the individuality with the highly detailed attention with the respect to the luxury. This polished craftsmanship is crystalized with individuality and highly detailed craftsmanship.

Kiwakoto ensures to bring you the value from the individuality and the highly detailed craftsmanship.

The individuality and highly detailed craftsmanship come from Kyoto which was Japan’s capital for a thousand years. These tradition and craftsmanship are nurture throughout the history. We bring the birth to the “Car Life” revolved around a city where craftsmanship endures.

What is Kiwakoto?

Kiwakoto is a brand revolved around the true craftsmanship. We plan and develop the products, manufacture, and effectively develop the sales channels.

To create something (koto), you maintain harmony (wa) and produce something special (kiwakoto).

In ancient Japanese, kiwakoto means “being exceptional”.
The handiwork of artisans; the collaboration of different personalities; design that pursues beauty of use. With our brand name, we express our desire to give form to our unparalleled attention to detail.

We create products that have been designed along multiple fronts:
  • ・Are the artisans really creating products that they are truly satisfied with?
  • ・Are the products that the artisans create really one of a kind?
  • ・For an age that has become accustomed to cheap, good-quality products, how can the value of craftsmanship be identified?
  • ・The quality that we really seek cannot be produced in a workshop alone
  • ・We lose out to overseas brands because we don’t have the funds for capital investment
  • ・The moment we go outside our own comfort zone, we are lost; etc…

These situations are not resolved with one-off support / efforts.

Kiwakoto extracts the personalities of those involved and puts together the most suitable team; we create an environment where product development that makes the very best of these personalities is undertaken. As a brand, we continue to secure a market for our products, clearly conveying the creators’ attention to detail and delivering it to the users.

The type of design we consider is not design as style, not just the shape or form of products.

We consider the usability, functionality and the beauty that is required for today’s lifestyle and instill this into our products, creating products that capture the user’s experiences; this is what Kiwakoto design means.

We pick up on and create trends, creating products with our own unique point of view and editing power that people don’t just think of as something that “will do” but as something that they “can’t do without”.


We promise to provide a new kind of value that is linked to the future.

  1. 1.Products are today’s beauty of use
  2. 2.We embrace the outstanding skill and individuality of artisans
  3. 3.We lead in creation that transcends the boundaries between artisans
  4. 4.Designers, creators and staff understand each other’s domains; we discuss things on an equal footing and create products that all three parties are happy with
  5. 5.We value the creative process (production region, quality, manufacturing)
  6. 6.We can repair things
  7. 7.Can be made to order
  8. 8.We create an environment where creators can focus on creation
  9. 9.We specify and convey the sentiments of the creators and their background history, culture and skills
  10. 10.The artisans, skills, ideas and designs collaborate and become a platform for offering new value