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Traditional Japanese Yarning


The Beauty of Detailing

The beauty of the traditional yarning technique is its meticulously design by the experienced craftsmanship enabling the greater usability. The yarning technique is alternately applied and discharged while maintaining the remaining and creating the multiple layers. It expresses the depth perception from the shadow. The décor interior panel is like the creation of the art piece.

Kohei Murata Rakugei-StudioTraditional Yarning Artist
Born in 1977 in Kyoto. The third generation of Rakugei Studio from Nishijin textile. Apprenticed to his father to pursue the gold / silver leaves yarning upon starting his university education. Trained to master the traditional yarning technique renowned for its making of Nishijin textiles. Certified Nishijin Textile Yarning Craftsmen by Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

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