Your Desired Exterior and Interior Coordination Throughout the Material Selections

The gearshift knob, the cover for the engine starter and the heater are upgraded. The components are formed by curving the Zelkova materials. Then the grains portions are finely grinded and finished with urushi finish coatings. The seashells are embedded. The wheel horn button is filled with homage to the original logo of FIAT recreated by Maki-e artist. The eggshells are utilized with the great Maki-e technique to portray this beautiful expression. The glossy urushi finish coatings are applied onto the console box and the shift lever to tone with the seat color. These materials are well blended into its authentic interior design of FIAT500.

Ryo Ishikawa
Born in 1978 in Kyoto. Graduated University of Kobe in 2000. Joined his family business, Ishikawa Urushi Studio after gaining some experiences from the advertising production companies. Received an award from Uruoi Urushi Exhibition by Kyoto Urushi Lacquerware Youth Group in 2016. Nominated as Kyoto representative in Lexus Takumi Project.

Isao OtaUrushi Finish Coating Artist
Born in 1977 in Samukawa, Kanagawa. Graduated Kyoto Traditional Crafts Art Institute in 2007 with the degree in Urushi Art. Apprenticed to Kyoto urushi finish coating master, Tadahiro Oya in 2008. Became independent in 2015. Received an award from Arts and Culture Festival by Shiga Prefectural Art Exhibition Crafts Department.

Ikuo ArakiUrushi Roiro-Polishing Artist
Born in 1974 in Kyoto. Apprenticed to his father, Eichi. Finished Kyoto City Traditional Industry and Craftsmen Research and Study in 1998. Received the multiple awards since his first award from Kyoto Exhibition in 1998. Received an award from Uruoi Urushi Exhibition in 2014 and the several awards.
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