BMW 740e

BMW740e x HOSOO Textiles
Concept: A special display that gives guests a glance at the philosophy of our residence the moment they arrive at Kyoto Station. Courtesy vehicle for HOSOO RESIDENCE, lodgings operated by Hosoo, a Nishijin textile company of long standing, that serves to showcase its artisanal skills

The concept was to allow guests staying at HOSOO RESIDENCE to enjoy the philosophy of the residence on their way to the facility; we used textiles from Hosoo, which is endorsed by designer brands, to re-cover the seats of a BMW740e. The re-covering process was carried out by Minerva, a bespoke furniture manufacturer established by Japan’s first modeler, Shigeki Miyamoto.

The textiles used here were constructed of silver foil affixed to Japanese paper and then cut into thin strips, which were woven one at a time into a silver thread; this thread was then used to create a complicated three-dimensional configuration that appears different according to the angle from which it is viewed. With the skill of the artisans, who perfectly upholstered the three-dimensional seats, along with traditional Nishijin weaving techniques, a special space has been achieved.