The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class
Space that can liberate the mind

Eternal dream‐Space that can liberate the mind

 【Space that can liberate the mind】as the theme for the traditional art technique was used for the space production of the highest peak. The car "Maybach" that fascinated people in New York, Monte Carlo, and Berlin city. With respect to its universal elegance and dignity, the elite craftsman of Kyoto gathered, and created the unique artwork.   It is a roof lining that is colored with the Nishijin weave. When you open the front sunroof, the captivating universe appears like a plasma that distorts the space time. The interior panel which surrounds the guest was a foil pattern, and the trim of the seat back was made of lacquer by the lacquer artist. Delicate and powerful expression fascinates what you see. The center console part is made up of luxurious material woven from leather as textile. Floor mat is a comfortable shaggy mat with long hairs.

This unprecedented level of time brings exceptional relaxing time.