BMW X3 x ink-wash painter Yoshida Syoh
Concept: luxurious monotone world

Yoshida, an ink-wash painter, employed techniques used with silver foil yohen tenmoku (Nishijin obi foil / Kyo-yuzen / KYOTO Leather) and MR lacquer (Satokiyomatsu-shoten) to express the deep monotone world view he usually expresses with ink and whitewash in an emotional design that suited this SUV.

With this Craft-car, we have expressed a “traditional sense of beauty” that co-exists with our lifestyle. Yoshida employs art supplies that have been used for centuries - silk canvas, ink and whitewash - and gives them a modern slant; through his paintings, he aims for natural co-existence between tradition and our lifestyles. By employing highly-discerning artisanal skills in our car life, Kiwakoto seeks to offer a premium experience in moving place to place. This is a world of luxury that has arisen through the collaboration of these two concepts of value.

Yoshida SyohInk-wash painter.
Born in Nagoya in 1984. Yoshida concentrates on ink, the foundation of Oriental painting,
consistently creating monochrome works. As an artist, he participates in both solo and group
exhibitions domestically and overseas; he capitalizes on his inherent design sense, participating in a variety of design projects, and is active as a creator over a wide variety of fields.
Since 2002, he has based his activities in Kyoto.