CACAZAN Driving Gloves

Excellent Technology and Great Inspiration

The initial start of CACAZAN was originated from the family business, Izuishi-Glove Factory. As the domestic glove manufactures gradually shifted their production overseas, the current president, Naohito Izuishi, founded CACAZAN brand to shift its focus on the driving gloves by optimizing its glove making know-how. CACAZAN revolves around its high functionality and the quality design. The raw materials for the palm side is meticulously selected to perfectly fit into your hands when you hold the steering wheel while maintaining its dryness and smooth texture. Each glove is designed to deliver you the comfort in long-term. We deliver this highly inspired glove from Kagawa.

Naohito IzuishiIzuishi Glove Corporation president
Izuishi Glove was established in 1963. It was initiated from the family business. Izuishi Glove used to be an OEM manufacture for the domestic fashion brands and the athletic apparel brands. However, the domestic glove manufactures gradually shifted its production overseas, so Shojin Izuishi, the current president, shifted its focus onto the driving gloves with its high functionality and the quality. Mr. Izuishi integrated and optimized the great know-how of Izuishi Glove into CACAZAN gloves. CACAZAN brand was established to form the new corporate direction.

Glove Making in Kagawa

Kagawa is renowned for its agribusiness due to its geographical factors of warm weather with less rainfall. The glove making starts from the story of a top chief monk from the famous temple in Kagawa going through an elopement. This young couple moved to the unfamiliar land of Osaka to start the new life. They started to make gloves to make out the living. They invited their family members from Kagawa and trained them to expand their glove making business. Also, land developer and this monk’s family member collaborated to build the glove making factory in Kagawa to stabilize the income of these struggling farmers. Kagawa once became the main production hubs for the gloves. Today, the glove making remained in Kagawa under the condition of its high functionality and the quality.

  • CACAZAN atelier stores the massive amount of carefully selected raw material leather which may give you the great impression upon the entrance. The quality of the raw materials is significant factors of determining the success of its completion. These raw materials used by Mr. Izuishi are preciously stored in his atelier.

  • Each mold is designed with the ideal handy design pattern from his rich experience. The molds are designed separately by parts to enable the highly detailed customization for each glove user.

  • Each glove is handstitched by the craftsmen. When each parts of gloves are placed and stitched, the craftsmen meticulously determine the seam allowance while maintaining the consistent depth and the width to ensure the beautiful finish. The glove making consists of multiple processes: 1) the stitching of palm side 2) stitching of palm and thumb 3) stitching of palm and back side 5) stitching the rubber.

  • The snapping buttons are designed and covered with the same leather materials used for the gloves.

  • All the driving gloves from Izuishi are designed to enable the sense of the unity by depth perceptive stitching method. The special iron is applied to straighten up the wrinkles to ensure the perfection.

  • The special iron equipment is called Kuri-kin. The ironing of the gloves also requires the sense of the fashion in visualizing the finger flexing scene to finalize its completion.