Nishida Dyeing Yuzen Dyeing and Printing

The power of the team to nurture young craftsmen

Nishida Dyeing Co., which has a workshop in Kujo, Kyoto, supports the expressive power of textile fashion due to its advanced dyeing techniques and high quality. As soon as we tried not only Japanese clothing but also the apparel industry, we expanded our range of technologies. You can see young artisans and veterans teaming up to learn the skills while looking at their backs here and there in the workshop. Here is an expression that can be realized because human hands are involved.

Nishida Dyeing Co., Ltd.
Established in 1960. We specialize in processing that combines dyeing techniques. We understand the materials from kimono to clothing and perform high-quality dyeing.

  • The unique gradation technique called blur dyeing is overwhelming in the number of colors that can be applied.

  • It can be said that it is a crystal of the craftsmanship which does not lose the mind in all the hardness of the comb, the degree of mixing of the dye, the way of applying pressure to the fabric.

  • Young craftsmen and veterans form a team to connect delicate techniques that cannot be conveyed by words alone.

  • Many types are sleeping in the basement of the workshop, which deals with everything from Kimono to Western clothing, as if it were a story of its history.