Nishiki Dyeing Yarn Dye Shop

Pursuit of ideal color

Nishiki dyeing, which is located near the Kyoto Imperial Palace, has been good at the fine turning of silk filaments. The steam rising from the dyeing steam kettle and the music from the radio are comfortable, and in the lively workshop, we work in a single-minded way to produce the “color” that many craftsmen demand.

Nishiki Dyeing Co., Ltd.
Established in 1957. A studio that specializes in dyeing yarns and hanging dyeing silk fabrics.

Dyeing (pre-dyeing)

Dyeing is divided into two main categories: the process called “pre-dyeing” dyed from yarn, and “post-dyeing,” which is dyed into white fabrics such as Yuzen. One of the characteristics of Nishijin-ori is “pre-dyeing” and there is a job called a yarn dye shop. The yarn dye shop refines the twisted thread and dyes it according to the color sample. In modern times, the technique of dyeing genuine silk is applied to dyeing various materials that form into yarn, such as silk spinning, nylon, rayon, cotton, acrylic, polyester, etc.

  • Refining process to remove sericin and impurities covering the surface layer of raw silk

  • Depending on the application, the machine dyeing and hand-dyed are dyed at once by a large steam kettle.