Kawashima Textile Celcon textile designer
Sumiko Honda

While inheriting the traditional textile technology, Ms. Honda, the top textile designer of Kawashima Textile, developed as an interior decoration enterprise, was inspired by the scenery of Japan and used high-level technology to complete in-depth textile technology. In cooperation with our company, we designed the car interior with the theme of "Cherry Blossom Opening".

Sumiko HondaTextile designer
Sumiko Honda is the top in-house designer at Kawashima Selkon, a textile manufacturer of long standing in Kyoto; Honda designed the company’s in-house brand “Sumiko Honda”. She is involved in every aspect of the process, from planning through to design, and together with the factory technicians, weaves the outstanding fabric that Kawashima Selkon x Sumiko Honda is renowned for. Under the theme “admiring the four seasons”, she expresses concepts of nature characteristic of Japan - the change in the seasons, light and shadow, water and air and pursues the creation of fabric that lends spaces color and richness.