Kazuaki Matsushima

I’ve had a car dealership in Kyoto for 64 years; I have a fascination with cars and an affinity for traditionally crafted made-to-order products. By creating products and services that make the most of regional resources and the traditional crafts and techniques of which Japan is so proud of, I hope to provide a more fulfilling car life and experience to car lovers.

Kiwakoto Director

Masaru Yoshimura

I have experience with management consulting and the launching of new services. While I was born in Kyoto, someone from Okinawa opened my eyes to the beauty of traditional Kyoto handicrafts when I was a student. They blew me away, and I decided that someday, I’d like to work in a field involving artisans and traditional crafts. Making use of my business acumen cultivated over more than a decade, I want to initiate change in the world of traditional crafts.

Communication /Marketing

Ai Sato

I have worked in marketing support for businesses through printing companies and advisor dispatch services. You can’t describe the charm of products and deliver them to the marketplace simply through support. I decided to participate in this undertaking because I wanted to create things and deliver them to people myself. Through A・STORY, I hope to narrow the distance between providers and consumers.

Sales Planning

Satoshi Aizawa

I have experience in terms of job recruitment media. Speaking to the CEO’s of many small and medium-sized companies, I often hear, “We don’t have enough staff, and that’s why we can’t hand skills down”. By approaching things from a new perspective, we hope to make skills and traditions even more attractive and hand them down to future generations.