Convey the ideas of producers’ – Kiwakoto STORY

2019.6.30. (SUN.)

Convey the ideas of producers’ – Kiwakoto STORY

This is the first time for Kiwakoto worked with the Negroni, created and released the unique driving shoes. In commemoration of this collaborative creation, we will hold a symposium on car culture and driving shoes at Kiwakoto Flagship Store. We will invite the motor journalist Jun Nishikawa, and Shuhei Miyabe, the director of the only maker of driving shoes in Japan, as our special guest.

Time: 2019.6.30. (SUN. 2PM)
Venue: Kiwakoto Flagship Store  
   AB Building 1F, 359 Shimizu-cho, Nijoagaru, Kwaramachi-dori. Nakagyo-ku
Participation Fee: Free

Jun Nishikawa
Motor journalist
Born in Nara in 1965, graduated from Institute of Technology of Kyoto University. Former deputy editor of Recruit Car Sensor Inc. and began to edit independently in 1999. As a freelance writer, he contributes to magazines, newspapers and online media. His contributions mainly involve luxury cars, vintage cars and super sports cars. While explaining the culture and history of automobiles, he also criticized the modern industrial civilization.
Shuhei Miyabe
Director of Negroni
Born in Tokyo in 1984. At the age of 25, he joined the shoemaking company run by his family. Started designing and making shoes. In 2011, his company began to cooperate with Renault Japan with the label “NEGRONI FOR RENAULT”. In 2015, the products were exhibited at the “GOOD WOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED” sports car ceremony in Britain and received strong support from hobbyists in the world.
Sonobe Dyed Work Shop (KYOTO Leather)
Suminagashi-Youzen Printing and Dyeing Workshop (Marbling)
In 1970, the workshop was established by Masanori Sonobe, the representative of Youze Dyeing. While the Suminagshi was established as a technique of Youzen Dyeing, the dyeing technology used in kimonos of silk fabrics is also used in leather printing and dyeing. In order to enable more people to wear the beautiful patterns clothes on their bodies, the technology is continuously innovated. And the workshop is dedicated to training young craftsmen who will inherit traditional skills.

Activity Day Process: Symposium, Practical Demonstration, Free Communication

Please contact us if you are interested in this event. Please kindly include your Name, Phone, E-mail address, and number of participants.

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