Exhibition & Reception: Bespoke by Kiwakoto

We greatly appreciate for your support as always.
We are hosting Bespoke by Kiwakoto which revolves around the traditional Kyoto craftsmanship with the enriched know-how of creating your desired items at your personal level.

We are showcasing the fully tailored items for 7 celebrities including cultured people and the prestigious luxury brand. These individuals and entity share the same value with the initiative of Kiwakoto in passing on the significantly important Japanese culture to the next generation.
Please contact us if you already have such desired item you would like to produce. You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any question or interest in our Bespoke by Kiwakoto.

Owners of Kiwakoto Bespoke Items

Mariko Asabuki (Writer / Novelist)・Sennosuke Kataoka (Kabuki Performer)・Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi (Fashion Curator)・Ryuichi Sakamoto (Music Composer)・Natsuko Shoji (Founder of “été” / Chef)・Kazuyo Sejima (Architect)・Delvaux (Luxury Leather Goods Maison)


Chiemi Ogura (Bamboo Craft Artist)・Kaikado (Tea Canteen)・Kuroda Atelier (Interior Furniture)・Taichi Kondo (Wood-Joint Crafter)・Seiwa Atelier (Wood-Joint Crafter)・Somenotsukasa Yoshioka (Grass / Wood Dying)・Arata Takashima (Urushi Lacquer / Maki-e Artist)・Tsutsumi Asakichi Urushi (Urushi Lacquer Refiner)・George Nakamura (Pottery Artist)・Keikou Nishimura Urushi Atelier (Urushi Lacquer / Urushi Finish Coating Artist)・Baba Dying Atelier (Black Dying)・Tomoya Hyodo (Wood-Joint Crafter)・Masumi Leather (Leather Bag Crafter)・Koken Murata (Urushi Lacquer Artist)・Kohei Murata (Gold / Silver Leaf Artist)・Yohei Yoshiha (Metalworks)
Click here for download the brochure “Bespoke by Kiwakoto”

Event Information

Date  :  February 27th (Sat.) to February 28th (Sun)
Time  :  9:00 AM to 7:00PM (Close at 5:00PM on Sunday)
Location  :  Kondaya Genbei (Sanjyo-sagaru, Muromachi, Nakagyo, Kyoto)
Admission  :  Free
Contact Information  :
Representative: Ai Sato
Phone: +81(0)75-212-0500

*You are eligible to take the exclusive tour of the ateliers of Kiwakoto craftsmen if place an order within 1 month from this event.
**The venue is fully equipped with COVID-19 prevention.
***We are limiting the number of admissions to prevent forming the crowd.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

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