Exhibition & Reception: Bespoke by Kiwakoto

Exhibition & Reception: Bespoke by Kiwakoto

We greatly appreciate for your support as always.
We are hosting Bespoke by Kiwakoto which revolves around the traditional Kyoto craftsmanship with the enriched know-how of creating your desired items at your personal level.

We are showcasing the fully tailored items for 7 celebrities including cultured people and the prestigious luxury brand. These individuals and entity share the same value with the initiative of Kiwakoto in passing on the significantly important Japanese culture to the next generation.
Please contact us if you already have such desired item you would like to produce. You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any question or interest in our Bespoke by Kiwakoto.

Owners of Kiwakoto Bespoke Items

Mariko Asabuki (Writer / Novelist)・Sennosuke Kataoka (Kabuki Performer)・Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi (Fashion Curator)・Ryuichi Sakamoto (Music Composer)・Natsuko Shoji (Founder of “été” / Chef)・Kazuyo Sejima (Architect)・Delvaux (Luxury Leather Goods Maison)


Chiemi Ogura (Bamboo Craft Artist)・Kaikado (Tea Canteen)・Kuroda Atelier (Interior Furniture)・Taichi Kondo (Wood-Joint Crafter)・Seiwa Atelier (Wood-Joint Crafter)・Somenotsukasa Yoshioka (Grass / Wood Dying)・Arata Takashima (Urushi Lacquer / Maki-e Artist)・Tsutsumi Asakichi Urushi (Urushi Lacquer Refiner)・George Nakamura (Pottery Artist)・Keikou Nishimura Urushi Atelier (Urushi Lacquer / Urushi Finish Coating Artist)・Baba Dying Atelier (Black Dying)・Tomoya Hyodo (Wood-Joint Crafter)・Masumi Leather (Leather Bag Crafter)・Koken Murata (Urushi Lacquer Artist)・Kohei Murata (Gold / Silver Leaf Artist)・Yohei Yoshiha (Metalworks)
Click here for download the brochure “Bespoke by Kiwakoto”

Event Information

Date  :  February 27th (Sat.) to February 28th (Sun)
Time  :  9:00 AM to 7:00PM (Close at 5:00PM on Sunday)
Location  :  Kondaya Genbei (Sanjyo-sagaru, Muromachi, Nakagyo, Kyoto)
Admission  :  Free
Contact Information  :
Representative: Ai Sato
Phone: +81(0)75-212-0500
Email: info@a-story.co.jp

*You are eligible to take the exclusive tour of the ateliers of Kiwakoto craftsmen if place an order within 1 month from this event.
**The venue is fully equipped with COVID-19 prevention.
***We are limiting the number of admissions to prevent forming the crowd.
We look forward to seeing you soon.

February 14 (Fri) – March 15 (Sun) Art Exhibition ~Guideposts Toshiaki Hoshi Sawako Hoshi Exhibition

February 14 (Fri) – March 15 (Sun) Art Exhibition ~Guideposts
Toshiaki Hoshi Sawako Hoshi Exhibition


◆Art Exhibition―  
At Kiwakoto, we have a deep respect and sympathy for the people who are doing art activities. And we would like to help many people know about their activities. We have decided to provide a corner of the flagship store as an exhibition space.

Toshiaki Hoshi and Sawako Hoshi who will exhibit his works this time, they are the artists based in Finland.  
We met them when we were looking for textile designers with a global sense. A mutual acquaintance introduced us to Sawako. When we first met, we talked about the three-dimensional expression of the crayon scratch technique and the collaboration between Nishijin’s foil-making technique.  
Cars are one of the most important factors in the daily lives of Toshiaki and Sawako. Toshiaki is chefs of Japanese cuisine and also engage in pottery activities. In Finland, public transportation is so expensive that so many people use the car. The theme of this exhibition is “Guideposts”. The scenery seen from the car, the air and memory at the destination, give them inspiration. They are living a luxurious car life.  
Please take a look at the works of the two people who continue to work in a foreign country while carefully feeling the change of every day.

“Guideposts OPASTE”  
Toshiaki Hoshi Sawako Hoshi Exhibition
Where to go and what to see
What do you touch, what do you eat, and who do you spend time with?
What do you think?
And how to tell
Exhibition period:
2020.02.14 (Friday) – 2020.03.15 (Sunday)
Kiwakoto Flagship Store (10:00AM – 7:00PM) Admission Free

While living and traveling in Finland, Toshiaki Hoshi put the encountered scenery and feelings in ceramic, and Sawako Hoshi made them into the pattern of textiles.  
Finland is blessed with beautiful nature and you can see spectacular views here. The scenery that moves through the car window, the color of the sky, the smell of plants, the terrain, the conversations with the people they meet, wherever they go, what they eat, the air and what is in the nature, inspire them during their days and journeys in Finland. Take them home and interpret them in their own works one by one.  
Toshiaki Hoshi touched the flow of time in Finland, the natural expressions that he showed during the changing seasons, and the gentle temperament of the people, and kept that sense to his ceramic work. The sphere’s work is also shaped based on a round stone hemisphere on the banks of the great river, which is also on the border with Norway in the northernmost village of Nuorgam in Finland.   
Sawako Hoshi expresses Finland’s ever-changing natural beauty and its unique colors using the technique of painting crayons on layers and scratching them with toothpicks. And she also created textiles based on them.
People would be happy if they could keep in mind something even a little.

星 利昌 Toshiaki Hoshi  
Born in Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture, in 1985. Lives and works in Helsinki. After training in Japanese cuisine in Kobe, he moved to Helsinki, Finland in 2008, where he gained culinary experience at local restaurants such as Hotel Kämp, Chez Dominique and Atelje Finne. Since 2011, he has been independent of Ravintola Hoshito. In 2016, he began making pottery, which he was originally interested in. Closed his own shop in 2018. Currently, his work is available at Samuji and Lokal in Helsinki, and is also used in Michelin’s one-star Restaurant Ora.  
星 佐和子 Sawako Hoshi  
Textile designer. Born in 1986. Lives and works in Helsinki. After graduating from Musashino Art University in 2008, she moved to Finland with a master’s degree from Aalto University. After that, she worked as a freelancer, providing design to domestic and overseas brands such as Marimekko, Samuji, and kokka. She mainly uses the scratch technique of crayons, mainly on the theme of natural beauty and the landscape in memory. From December 2019, the activity name was changed from Sawako Ura to Sawako Hoshi.  

On Sunday, January 19th, we will hold a New Year’s tea ceremony.

On Sunday, January 19th, we will hold a New Year’s tea ceremony.

On Sunday, January 19th, we will hold a New Year’s tea ceremony.

An event to practice “tea ceremony style with the current lifestyle”
Instead of offering tea ceremonies in a simple way, we enjoy it in a variety of styles.
It is an event to extract and experience the “good points” of the tea ceremony.
Those who have no experience in the tea ceremony are welcome.
Discover the new niceness of tea!

January 19 (Sun) New Year’s Tea Party

After blessings and appetizers of new year at Kiwakoto flagship store,
We will move from the flagship store by car and give you dark tea at the Kyomachiya, a private tearoom in the city.
In addition, we are planning a performance by Kyogenist.
There is no English interpreter for Kyogen. (Kyōgen (狂言, “mad words” or “wild speech”) is a form of traditional Japanese comic theater. It developed alongside Noh, was performed along with Noh as an intermission of sorts between Noh acts on the same stage, and retains close links to Noh in the modern day; therefore, it is sometimes designated Noh-kyōgen. Its contents are nevertheless not at all similar to the formal, symbolic, and solemn Noh theater; kyōgen is a comic form, and its primary goal is to make its audience laugh.)   
Priority for those who have made a reservation in advance
Limited to 6 people each time  
Kiwkaoto Flagship store Shimizu-cho, Nakakyo-ku 359 AB Building 1st Floor
*Josenan (Matsubara-dori Takakura Nishiiri, Shimokyo-ku)
*Please come to Kiwakoto flagship store.   
*Tea and sweets:
3,000 yen per person (tax included)    

Application and inquiry:
TEL 075-212-0500 (Kiwakoto Flagship store)
E-Mail info@kiwakoto.com
Please let us know your name, contact phone number, email address, preferred time, and number of participants.  

Convey the ideas of producers’ – Kiwakoto STORY

Convey the ideas of producers’ – Kiwakoto STORY

2019.6.30. (SUN.)

Convey the ideas of producers’ – Kiwakoto STORY

This is the first time for Kiwakoto worked with the Negroni, created and released the unique driving shoes. In commemoration of this collaborative creation, we will hold a symposium on car culture and driving shoes at Kiwakoto Flagship Store. We will invite the motor journalist Jun Nishikawa, and Shuhei Miyabe, the director of the only maker of driving shoes in Japan, as our special guest.

Time: 2019.6.30. (SUN. 2PM)
Venue: Kiwakoto Flagship Store  
   AB Building 1F, 359 Shimizu-cho, Nijoagaru, Kwaramachi-dori. Nakagyo-ku
Participation Fee: Free

Jun Nishikawa
Motor journalist
Born in Nara in 1965, graduated from Institute of Technology of Kyoto University. Former deputy editor of Recruit Car Sensor Inc. and began to edit independently in 1999. As a freelance writer, he contributes to magazines, newspapers and online media. His contributions mainly involve luxury cars, vintage cars and super sports cars. While explaining the culture and history of automobiles, he also criticized the modern industrial civilization.
Shuhei Miyabe
Director of Negroni
Born in Tokyo in 1984. At the age of 25, he joined the shoemaking company run by his family. Started designing and making shoes. In 2011, his company began to cooperate with Renault Japan with the label “NEGRONI FOR RENAULT”. In 2015, the products were exhibited at the “GOOD WOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED” sports car ceremony in Britain and received strong support from hobbyists in the world.
Sonobe Dyed Work Shop (KYOTO Leather)
Suminagashi-Youzen Printing and Dyeing Workshop (Marbling)
In 1970, the workshop was established by Masanori Sonobe, the representative of Youze Dyeing. While the Suminagshi was established as a technique of Youzen Dyeing, the dyeing technology used in kimonos of silk fabrics is also used in leather printing and dyeing. In order to enable more people to wear the beautiful patterns clothes on their bodies, the technology is continuously innovated. And the workshop is dedicated to training young craftsmen who will inherit traditional skills.

Activity Day Process: Symposium, Practical Demonstration, Free Communication

Please contact us if you are interested in this event. Please kindly include your Name, Phone, E-mail address, and number of participants.
Emai: info@kiwakoto.com