Privacy Policy

A・STORY Inc. Privacy Policy

A・STORY Inc. safely stores personal information provided by customers and uses and handles this information in deference to the wishes of the customer. We strive to continue to offer our best hospitality to customers and to maintain their trust.
A・STORY Inc. observes laws pertaining to the protection of personal information along with all associated laws and ordinances. We have established the following privacy policy with respect to the protection of personal information. All executives and employees of the company have been thoroughly advised of this information and strive to handle personal information in a manner appropriate and in-line with company policy.

  1. A・STORY Inc. uses personal information provided by customers for the following
    1. To inform customers about products and services
    2. To inform customers of events and campaigns
    3. To disseminate questionnaires regarding product planning and development or regarding improvements in customer satisfaction
    4. To liaise with customers regarding transactions with A・STORY Inc. and customer requests
    5. To confirm accounts receivable and accounts notification
  2. A・STORY Inc. may use the personal information provided by customers in cooperation with the following companies in situations not covered by Article 1 above should it be deemed necessary:
    ● Charge companies and other companies in cooperation with A・STORY Inc.
    ● A・STORY Inc. group companies (Matsushima Holdings Co., Ltd., Stern Kyoto, Hattori Motor Kyoto, Fahren Koto Co., Ltd., Fahren Kyoto Co., Ltd., Matsushima Trident Capital Co., Ltd., Kyoto Mazda Co., Ltd., Heian Suzuki Co., Ltd. And MS West Co., Ltd.)
    Responsibility for the management of relevant personal data lies with A・STORY Inc..

    Information provided: address, name date of birth, telephone number, email address, fax number, and other information pertaining to dealings between the customer and

  3. With the exception of the instances noted in Article 2 and situations recognized under laws and ordinances, A・STORY Inc. will not disclose personal information provided by customers to third parties without obtaining the customer’s consent.
  4. Should the customer require corrections to or disclosure of the personal information they have provided, A・STORY Inc. will facilitate this through the presentation of any documentation necessary.
  5. So as to handle personal information in an appropriate manner, A・STORY Inc. endeavors to continuously reinforce and improve its corporate governance by maintaining company code of conduct and by educating and instructing company executives and employees.
  6. Under the circumstances where A・STORY Inc. consigns its duties to a third party where it is deemed necessary to fulfill the purpose of use, A・STORY Inc. will conduct the necessary and appropriate supervision and take any measures deemed necessary by the relevant laws and ordinances.
  7. To prevent the unauthorized access of personal information, or any loss, destruction, falsification or divulging of the personal information provided, A・STORY Inc. will take all rational security measures and endeavors to continuously improve on these security measures.

January 4, 2018
President Kazuaki Matsushima.

  • For any inquiry regarding the handling of the personal information, please contact:
  • A・STORY Inc. Customer Advisory Center
  • TEL:075-313-6135