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Driving Glove〈Black〉

  • ¥33,000 (tax included)
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This driving glove is joint produced by CACAZAN (driving glove manufacture) and Kiwakoto. We enabled the integration of the driving glove and the steering wheel into one formation. It is intentionally designed to visualize the moment of the aerodynamic when you hold the steering wheel gently with the relaxed muscle. CACAZAN gloves enables you to visualize its exquisite and the powerful imagery.

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Available sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large)
Extra Small is available upon the order.
Please email to info@kiwakoto.com

Palm – Deer leather
Back – Sheep leather (Yuzen marbling design)
These leathers were carefully selected to deliver you the comfort with the great soft texture.


[Handling Procedure]
・Please avoid storing in the harsh environment in high temperature / moisture condition.
・The leathers are strained to perfectly fits your hand. Some leather particles maybe remained.
・The friction and the moisture such as the sweat and rain may cause the discoloring of the glove in beginning of the usage, but this gradually stops. Please be careful the stain on your cloths caused by the direct contact with the driving glove.
・Any stain maybe carefully wiped off with the dry cloth.
・The scratch on the leather is from the natural property of the leather. This does not affect the product quality of the gloves.
・Please use the neutral detergent designated for the wool or silk when handwash. Rinse with the warm water, and gently wring it using the dry towel. Please dry it in the shaded area. Wear the glove in your hand and fix the shape prior to the storage in the proper alienated environment. Please avoid over drying.