• ¥60,500 (tax included)
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This pair of Idea Corsa is produced with the collaboration between Negroni and Kiwakoto. The traditional marbling technic (known as sumi-nagashi) from the experienced Kyoto craftsman is used to portray the aerodynamic flow of the air visualized with the blue water pattern.

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〔Available Sizes〕

JP 24.5cm(EU 39) 
JP 25cm(EU 40) JP 25.5cm(EU 41) 
JP 26cm(EU 42) JP 26.5cm(EU 43)


Cowhide leather with the marbling known as sumi-nagashi. (Made in JAPAN)
Carbon leather by Kirino. (Made in ITALY)
Coated Carbon Pre-preg (Made in JAPAN)

Lining insole:
Silver cushion lining with polyester (Made in JAPAN)
Bucket insole (Made in JAPAN)

Driving Rubber Sole (Made in ITALY)

Please avoid the long duration storage in the direct sun as it may cause the color transition.

The oil content from the rubber material may soak out in the white slime with no effect on the quality and the health hazard. Please use alcohol material to remove.

Please contact us for the maintenance or the further assistance.