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Fragrance pot – Kyoto ceramic ware, Kiyomizu ware (for the home)

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A fragrance pot that can be used as a room fragrance pot, as a pot to hold potpourri, or as an incense burner. A beautiful marbled pattern has been achieved by mixing two clays with different characteristics using the nerikomi (kneading) technique. Each pot has a different aesthetic depending on the degree to which the clays are mixed.

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Diameter 12.5cm Height 10cm

● Pottery
● Two parts - a saucer and a cover.
● When using room fragrances, place the soft ceramic pebbles sold separately inside and add several drops of fragrance to the pebbles.

※ The clay used in these pots is kneaded and shaped by hand by artisans. The color of the pots arises owing to the chemical reaction between the composition of the clay and the glaze. Because of this, each pot has its own individual marbled pattern and color (the pot in the photo is one of a kind - no other pot is exactly the same). Since they are created by hand, there are slight differences in terms of the size of each pot.
※ approximate size