Organizer – barrel

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For putting in cup holder or door pocket, using the technique of barrel making of Kyoto, to produce the thin and elegant barrels. The point of the design is the barrel has an oblique opening, and it’s easy for you to put things in it. And the design can also hide the sight from the other seat when you put junks in it. The design helps you to keep tidy of your car, and it also has the simple and right size.

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Height 205mm Bottom diameter:50mm
*The above measurement is approximate.


This product is not painted, pay attention to the feel of white wood.
The feel will change after use.

Wash dirty areas with water and wipe them clean.
Please dry it in a well-ventilated place to make it dry.
Please do not use neutral detergent.

When not used for a long time, too dry causes trees to shrink.
Sometimes water leaks.
At this time, if water is temporarily poured in, the trees will expand and the water leakage will stop.