Hinoki Accessory Organizer

  • ¥27,500 (tax included)
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This Hinoki Accessory Organizer is great fit for the cupholder or the side door pocket of your vehicle. It is designed with slightly compact compared to the previous Kyoto Barrel organizer. What creates this organizer unique is its natural grain textures and color nicely which blends nicely with your ideal interior. This piece of the beauty was handcrafted by our craftsmen using the traditional throwing machine. It is intentionally designed with the tilted top finish to deliver you the convenience in the scene of placing your accessories or discarding materials while keeping some privacy from the passenger seats.
It can be used in the various scenes as well.

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Height: 185㎜ Base Diameter: 50㎜
* The indicated sizes are the approximation. Each piece is handcrafted individually by the craftsman. There maybe slight variance in sizes due to the nature of its handmade.

〔Product Handling〕

-This accessory organizer is coated with the special urushi lacquer coating method to emphasize on the natural grain from the wood. It may have the natural color variance caused the natural property from the wood grain.
-Some of the grains appeared on the surface comes from its natural property. It does not affect your usage.
-Hinoki (Japanese cypress) consists of the softest property among the other trees. The strong impact may cause the damage on the accessory organizer.
-Avoid the direct contact with the water for the long duration as it may cause the discoloring and the texture damages.