Outdoor tea ceremony set – box created using Kyo-sashimono cabinetwork with mini tea ceremony teapot

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Load this outdoor set into the back of the car and get out of the city.
This was developed as a tool for enjoying a tranquil tea time out in nature. Regular outdoor tea ceremony sets consist of a bowl, a small tea caddy, a bamboo tea ladle, a bamboo tea whisk and a tea napkin packed in a compact manner so that they can be carried around. The unique feature of Kiwakoto’s outdoor tea ceremony set is that it includes a kettle for boiling water in addition to all of these things. The teapot has a special presence amongst tea utensils, as evidenced by the phrase “kama wo kakeru” (to hang up the teapot), which is used to describe the act of holding a tea ceremony. All of the utensils have been attributed a chic color; the design is stylish and fits in with any situation.

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Paulownia storage box Width 43cm Height 25cm Depth 16cm

Teapot, lacquered papier-mache tea caddy, Raku tea bowl, tea bowl, bamboo tea ladle, tea ladle tube, waste water container, small plates, bamboo tea whisk, tea napkin, paulownia storage box, solid fuel tablets x 3