Gold Fumed

Silver Fumed

Sunglasses – Authentic

  • ¥69,300 (tax included)
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We enabled to present you the traditional craftsmanship in the form of the sunglasses by EYEVAN based in Sabae Fukui. Kyoto traditional inlay methods was originated from the application to décor the Samurai armor in Asuka Era. Hikihaku weaving method is unique parts of Nishijin textile in weaving the ultra-thin gold / silver leaf strings to orchestrate the highly detailed depth developed over five hundred years ago. This eyewear is meticulously handcrafted by our traditional craftsmen.

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Product: Polarized Sunglasses

Lens – Plastic
Lens Frame – Plastic
Temple – Gold alloy
Décor temple – Traditional handcrafted gold leaf
VLT – Fletching 14% / Arrowhead 11% / Gold Fumed 14% / Silver Fumed 11%


〔Product Handling〕
・This eyewear is not equipped with eye protection. Please do not wear this eyewear in any activities like sports which involves the strong impact. The broken parts from the strong impact may cause the severe injury or danger.
・Please avoid storing this eyewear in the harsh environment like the heating equipment such as stoves and the extreme heated car interior environment over 50C (122F). This may cause the bending of the frames, falling apart of the lens, and the severe skin burn injury.
・Please stop wearing the eyeglass and consult with your doctor immediately if you experience an eruption of the skin or itchiness from the direct contact of the frame to your skin.
・Keep out the reach of the children. Please store the sunglasses in appropriate location to prevent it from getting stepped on. Please avoid placing the sunglasses near vicinity of the metal materials.
・Please use both hands when taking off the eyewear. Improper handling may cause the frame damage.
・Please do not apply any organic solvents or glue agents on the frames. This may cause the deformation and the damage on the eyewear.
・The polarized lens is used. This ensures to deliver you the clear vision in the case of light reflection from the road or glass. Please be aware this may cause the slight dark vision in the case of viewing large distorted rearview mirror, film coated rearview mirror and LCD monitors.
・This product contains the gold leaf. Any moisture particles such as hand sweat, or the UV particles may cause the color transformation or the corrosion. This transformation is the beauty of the art created by the metal property.
・Please clean the lenses using the soft cloths. Dropping or improper handling may cause the damage on the lens scratch.