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NS brown

Sun glasses〈NS〉

  • ¥46,200 (tax included)
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We collaborate with the brand “Native Sons” to make the functional and fashionable sunglasses. We designed simply and carefully, and selected the high quality material for making them. The special flash processing can make you even see clearly in tunnels.

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Lens 55mm Leg 144mm

〔Source materials〕
Lens: plastic
Spec tables frame: plastic
Body: plastic
Visual transparency: 30%
UV transmittance: under 1%


-When handling or not using, in order to prevent deformation and damage, please put it in the box.
-If the lens is kept in wet water for a long time, it is possible to discolor, degenerate and peel off.
-Lack of light leads to poor eyesight, which is very dangerous.
-Avoid prolonged use in the dark.
-Material deterioration, deformation, discoloration and damage due to years of using.Gasket and screw parts may wear and tear.