Cowhide Black & Yellow/ Lining of bag Silver

Lining of bag Silver

Cowhide Blue & White/ Lining of bag Navy

Lining of bag Navy

Yuzen-dyed cowhide pouch for use in the car lined with fabric created using Nishijin textile techniques

  • ¥38,500 (tax included)
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With this bag, you can keep all of the things you want with you in the car in one place. The bag combines cowhide dyed using Yuzen techniques with a marbled pattern and fabric woven from gold and silver threads. Since the pattern is created by pouring dye into water, these bags are one-off items, with no two bags having the same pattern.

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Width 29cm Height 18cm

● Materials: genuine Yuzen-dyed cowhide (bag exterior, handles), genuine cowhide (bag exterior, handles), HOSOO fabric (lining), metal fittings (black nickel)

※ The leather used in these bags has been hand-dyed by artisans; as such, there are differences in the intensity of color and in the size of the pattern. Each bag is individual; the bag in the photo is a one-off - there is not another bag the same as this.
※ approximate size