3 designs

Outside Black/ Inside Black & Yellow

Outside Navy/ Inside Blue & White

Outside Brown/ Inside Orange

3 designs

Outside Black & Yellow/ Inside Black

Outside Blue & White/ Inside Navy

Outside Orange/ Inside Brown

Yuzen-dyed leather keychain

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A simple keychain created using Yuzen-dyed leather.
Since the pattern is created by pouring dye into water, these keychains are one-off items, with no two having the same pattern. The phrase “mizu ni sumi wo nagasu” (pouring black ink into water ) incorporates the phrase “mizu ni nagasu” (to let bygones be bygones) and a pun on the word for the color of the ink (“kuro” - black) with the word for hardship - “kurou”, and is also said to be a fortuitous pattern.
This product has been stenciled with an original pattern based on the fine pattern known as “seigaiha” (wave pattern). The fortuitous pattern of waves fanning out inlaid with shapes resembling car tires is one that is representative of an enjoyable car life.

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Ring diameter (outer dimension) 4cm
Overall length 12.5cm

● Materials: genuine Yuzen-dyed cowhide, genuine cowhide, metal fittings (silver)

※ The leather used in these keychains has been hand-dyed by artisans; as such, there are differences in the intensity of color and in the size of the pattern. Each keychain is individual; there is not another keychain the same as the one pictured in the photo.
※ approximate size