3 designs

Cowhide Black & Yellow/ Lining of case Black

Cowhide Blue & White/ Lining of case Navy

Cowhide Orange/ Lining of case Brown

Yuzen-dyed leather sunglasses case

  • ¥30,250 (tax included)
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This case is big enough to store the largish sunglasses that are popular as a fashion item. (We have not tested this case with all sunglasses; please check the size of the case against the size of the sunglasses you wish to store before purchasing the product). We hope you enjoy the unique design of the Yuzen-dyed leather.

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Width 17cm Height 8cm Gusset (maximum) 5.5cm

● Materials: genuine leather, Yuzen-dyed leather, metal fittings (silver)

※ The leather used in these sunglasses cases has been hand-dyed by artisans; as such, there are differences in the intensity of color and in the size of the pattern. Each sunglasses case is individual; there is not another case the same as the one pictured in the photo.
※ approximate size