Terms of Use

Through our internet site Kiwakoto Online Shop, A・STORY offers a range of services (hereinafter known as “services”). Customers (hereinafter known as “users”) are asked to read and agree to the following Terms of Use before using Kiwakoto Online Shop.

Article 1 (Scope of the agreement and changes)

  1. This agreement applies to all users of the services.
  2. A・STORY reserves the right to facilitate changes without prior notice and without the prior consent of customers. In such cases, the terms and conditions that apply will be the latest terms and conditions for services following the change. The terms and conditions following any change will become effective following their being uploaded to Kiwakoto Online Shop.

Article 2 (Conclusion of sales contract)

  1. Applications for the purchase of products from Kiwakoto Online Shop must be carried out in line with the method specified by A・STORY; a sales contract shall be deemed to have been concluded between the user and A・STORY upon an email confirming the user’s application being sent to the user by A・STORY.
  2. Users who are underage need to carry out applications for the purchase of products with the permission of a parent or other legal representative. Applications will be refused in cases where permission from such legal representatives cannot be confirmed.

Article 3 (Settlement)

Payment for products purchased from Kiwakoto Online Shop can be made via credit cards issued to the user, or cash-on-delivery. With certain products, the payment method shall be specified by A・STORY.

Article 4 (Delivery of Goods)

  1. Products will be delivered by delivery companies designated by A・STORY.
  2. As a rule, changes to delivery addresses after a sales contract has been concluded will not be allowed; in situations where A・STORY has not yet dispatched products for delivery, where changes are possible and where the user agrees to pay any additional delivery charges, changes may be accepted.
  3. A・STORY will not be held responsible, nor be obliged to pay compensation for delivery delays or failures caused by force majeure or other unavoidable circumstances.
  4. Deliveries will be made in Japan only.

Article 5 (Returns / Replacements)

As a rule, we do not accept returns or replacements on products. If the product is defective, damaged, or the wrong product has been sent and the user contacts us within 8 days of the delivery date of the product, we will fully examine the situation; in such cases, the user may be entitled to a return or a replacement.

Article 6 (Handling of personal information)

The user’s personal information shall be handled as set out in A・STORY’s separate Privacy Policy.

Article 7 (Copyright etc.)

The rights pertaining to all information included in Kiwakoto Online Shop belong to A・STORY and are to be used based on the due authority of A・STORY; utilization or disclosure of this information exceeding the scope of the personal use of the user as determined in the Copyright Act without the consent of A・STORY is forbidden. When problems pertaining to intellectual property rights such as copyright in violation of this Article occur, the user will bear responsibility and at their own cost resolve these problems and, in the event that any damage accrues to A・STORY, will compensate A・STORY for same.

Article 8 (Termination of Contract)

In the event that any of the below situations arise, A・STORY reserves the right to terminate its sales contract with the user.

  1. When products cannot be delivered to the user due to the delivery address being unknown or due to the prolonged absence of the user
  2. When the user has not completed payment for the products within the designated timeframe
  3. When the user’s credit card has been suspended by the credit card company
  4. When A・STORY contacts the user regarding product purchasing conditions (payment, product delivery, other conditions) and the user does not furnish A・STORY with the necessary answers even after two weeks
  5. When misconduct or inappropriate behavior by the user occurs with respect to the use of services
  6. When the user is in breach of the terms of use laid out here
  7. When it is not possible for A・STORY to get a product out due to any event not attributable to A・STORY

Article 9 (Prohibited Items)

The user is forbidden from the following conduct:

  1. Conduct that obstructs the operation or business activities of A・STORY, or conduct that may result in such obstruction
  2. Conduct that discredits A・STORY or third parties, or conduct that may result in such obstruction
  3. Misuse of the personal information of third parties or of false information when using the services
  4. Other conduct that A・STORY deems inappropriate with respect to the use of the services

Article 10 (Exemptions)

  1. In the event that the user’s use of the services inflicts damage on third parties, the user bears the responsibility of resolving problems for same.
  2. A・STORY will not bear responsibility in the event that use of the services, use of information provided by Kiwakoto Online Shop, or malfunctions or equipment failure of systems provided by services result in damage to the user or to third parties.

Article 11 (Other)

  1. The conclusion, validity, execution or interpretation of any contracts pertaining to these Terms of Use or to use of the services shall be subject to Japanese law.
  2. In the event that problems arising from the use of the services cannot be resolved under these Terms of Use, the user and A・STORY shall enter into discussions in good faith and work to resolve same.
  3. Any disputes arising from use of the services shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of Kyoto District Court.